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The aromatic spa of Palais Aziza offers hammam, massages and facials as well as special ILA Spa treatments with organic and ethical skincare products, connecting the mind, body and soul.

Dedicated to the well-being and beauty of body and mind, Palais Aziza and Spa provides the perfect blend of modern, holistic expertise and ancestral traditions. Our menu offers a fragrant and sensual journey inspired by the great Moroccan traditions, fused with the organic luxury of ILA Spa products to provide our guests with a uniquely sophisticated experience.

Using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients, all our products are natural and organic. The benefits of argan oils and prickly pears, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, are found throughout our traditional Moroccan treatments. A truly profound discovery of the senses elevates you in a unique sensory and holistic experience. ILA Spa’s range of sacred products channels the amazing healing power and energy of Mother Nature, drawing inspiration from ancient knowledge and tradition. Each treatment is infused with generous blessings and is delivered with warmth and love.

For a unique and extra-luxurious celebration, we offer the option of privatizing the Hammam and Spa for up to 12 guests, including a light buffet and fresh juices, as well as Henna tattoos and relaxing traditional music performed live just for you.

By choosing the treatment that suits you, adapting it to your needs and desires, we invite you to live in the tranquility of the present moment and feel the world around you simply melt away.

A journey of the senses awaits you...

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