Lori Park sculptures


Walking through the hotel, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of art pieces by both local and international artists.

To create an environment that is as inspiring as it is serene, Palais Aziza and Spa hosts a bi-annual Artist-in-Residence series; a testament to our deep appreciation for the arts and a tribute to the artistic legacy of Marrakech. Featuring contemporary art that has been carefully selected for our hotel, the exhibitions bring a new dimension of culture and aesthetic to our existing private collection, while supporting the artists and the important work they do.

The current exhibition displays the fascinating work of the Persian multidisciplinary artist Firouz FarmanFarmaian who lives and works in Marrakech as well as in Marbella and is an internationally renowned contemporary artist born 1973 in Iran. New York, Paris, London, Hamburg, Washington, San Francisco, Dubai and Tehran are just a few examples of places where his work has been exhibited and many of his exquisite art pieces are in the private collections of royalties and celebrities all over the world.

Curated by We R the Nomads Agency, Firouz FarmanFarmaian's TRACES exhibition is gracing the walls of Palais Aziza, in a retrospective construct presenting works taken from some of FarmanFarmaian's most powerful series. The exhibition travels through his recurrent thematic, nomadic displacement, with a special focus dedicated to the role of women in FarmanFarmaian's body of work.

Previous artists-in-residence at Palais Aziza have been Lori Park and Bill West.

Our art collection completes the fusion of traditional and modern that make up the essence and spirit of our art hotel. Pleasure and wellness are holistic experiences that involve all five senses as well as the intellect; art and design are an integral part of that experience and we hope you enjoy discovering the collection as you explore the hotel.

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